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Microsoft To End Support For Windows 7 By January 2020

Microsoft started rolling out a notification to Windows 7 users for the incoming end of support. After 10 years, the company's extended support for Windows 7 will end on January 14, 2020. The mainstream support for Windows 7 was officially ended on ...

How to Check GPINOY/GSAT Load Subscription and Box Status

Check the load status of your GPINOY/GSAT box and other details such as box owner and when was it activated.

10+ Best Free Classified Ads Websites in Vietnam

There are many free classified sites in Vietnam where you could find great deals and do buy and sell business. Some are dedicated to classifieds service while other are expat communities and news websites with classifieds section. Looking for a job ...

10+ Best Job Search Websites in Vietnam

Vietnam is a Southeast Asian country with a socialist-oriented market economy. Over the past 25 years, the country has made a remarkable growth on its economy.Looking for jobs in Vietnam might seem to be challenging for foreigners but it doesn't ...

LoadMena Review: Philippines’ Best Online Loading Service

What is LoadMena?LoadMena is an online service offering load, bill payment and sending gifts in the Philippines. It is a tag-lish (Tagalog-English) which means “load me now”. LoadMena operates under Jade Group Inc., according to what appears on ...

GUIDE: Accept Payments from International and non-U.S. Paypal Accounts

I've been using Paypal to almost any online payment transaction since 2011. This is because I feel safer paying with Paypal than directly using credit or debit card. I usually left a service or product if they have no option to pay via Paypal. The ...

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