GUIDE: Accept Payments from International and non-U.S. Paypal Accounts

I’ve been using Paypal to almost any online payment transaction since 2011. This is because I feel safer paying with Paypal than directly using credit or debit card. I usually left a service or product if they have no option to pay via Paypal. The good thing I want about Paypal is that they have a Buyer Protection and chargeback feature.

Recently I was about to send a payment to a writer through Paypal when I got this error: Sorry, this recipient does not accept international payments.

I told the writer the error so she might fix it herself but even her has no idea how to solve it. I told her to Google it, and she told me: “why don’t we try invoicing and see if it fix the problem?”. And so we did. She generated an invoice and when I tried to pay it, I got the same error saying: This recipient does not accept payments from non-U.S. Paypal accounts.

Because I don’t want the writer to think I was just trying to make excuses so I won’t pay her for her work, I did researching myself.

I came to know that this feature is an added protection for U.S. Paypal accounts. Holders of U.S. Paypal accounts have to option not to accept international payments or from non-U.S. Paypal accounts. Basically the problem is not on my side but on the recipient’s Paypal account settings, so here’s a detailed instruction I told her to do follow so we can fix the problem.

Fix Paypal error where recipient does not accept international payments or from non-U.S. Paypal accounts

Step 1. Login to your Paypal account.

Step 2. Go to Profile and settings.

Step 3. Navigate to Selling tools.

Step 4. Find for Block payments from the options and click Update.

Step 5. Once you’re on the Payment Receiving Preferences, make sure to uncheck the option to Block payments from users who have non-U.S. Paypal accounts.

That’s it! If you are a U.S. Paypal account holder, you can now recieve payments from international or non-U.S. Paypal accounts without the sender having troubles.

I hope this post will help anyone who might happen to stumble on the same error when sending payments on Paypal.

How did you came accross this Paypal error? Does this post able to help you fix it? Share you story on the comment section below.

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