10+ Best Job Search Websites in Vietnam

Vietnam is a Southeast Asian country with a socialist-oriented market economy. Over the past 25 years, the country has made a remarkable growth on its economy.

Looking for jobs in Vietnam might seem to be challenging for foreigners but it doesn’t have to. Whether you’re an expat or not, the internet is the most convenient point to start your job search in Vietnam. It’s easier, hassle free and less time consumption with little to no cost.

Here we have listed some of the best job search websites in Vietnam. If your looking for teaching jobs in Vietnam, scroll down at the bottom part of this post.

VietnamWorks is the most popular job search website in Vietnam. They are the leading and longest running online recruitment in the country with over 59 thousand jobs each year. It is a go-to site for both locals and foreigners. The site offers two language version, making it easier to find jobs for English and Vietnamese speakers.

If you’re planning to move to Vietnam, then this is a great site to find jobs in Vietnam for expats. 

CareerBuilder is a huge global recruitment network with extension in Vietnam. Their website expansion, careerbuilder.vn, offers two language version, English and Vietnamese. This makes it easier for both local and expats to search jobs in Vietnam.

For jobseekers, you can have a high potential of finding the right company or employer to work with. CareerBuilder claims to have over 13 thousand employers in Vietnam who are using their service in searching and building their teams.

CareerBuilder is also a great site for recruiters in Vietnam. They have a huge database of over one million registered users. In addition, they have hundreds of thousands of completed and frequently-updated resumes.

This is another great website to search for jobs in Vietnam. Jobstreet is  a popular and reputable job site in Southeast Asia. Their Vietnam site expansion list over nine thousand job as of this posting. They offer a bilingual version of the site and mobile applications for both Android and iOs.

CareerLink is another online recruitment site that offers thousand of job opportunities in Vietnam. Its job recruitment service is used by more than five thousand companies with 300+ using their executive search service. They are very popular for both local and Japanese jobs in Vietnam.

This website is dedicated for IT jobs in Vietnam. If you’re pursuing an IT career, then ITViec is a great site to start your job search in Vietnam. As it says on their About page, they might not have the most IT  jobs, but they have the best.

Anphabe is an online business community in Vietnam similar to LinkedIn.  You can share and connect with thousand of business experts and leaders in Vietnam. But most of all, you can use Anphabe to find job opportunities in Vietnam.

Indeed is a worldwide job site with extension in Vietnam. It is one of the largest search engine in the world. Jobseekers can create and submit their resume while employers can post jobs and easily find candidates for their job offering.

This is CareerBuilder’s Talent Network website. You can submit your CV and create job alerts to receive job updates that matches your resume.

This is another site for Vietnamese literates  searching for jobs. It is also a partner of CareerBuilder.

LaoDong is another website with a job listing section perfect for Vietnamese literate searching for jobs. It has a list of more than 30 thousand jobs. Since this website is offered only in Vietnamese language, we assume that it is a job search website more dedicated for Vietnam national and or Vietnamese literates.

This is another global employment search engine for over 300 thousand published jobs in Vietnam. It is more of a job search engine rather than a job listing. This is because when you search jobs, results will point you directly to the website where the job is actually posted, same to what Google does.

You can also try searching on JustLandedMonster, Jora and VietnamJobs77. These are some growing job sites on Vietnam. You never know you might find the right job for you on these sites.

Websites to Search Jobs in Vietnam for English Teachers

If you’re looking for an ESL job in Vietnam, then you can find a good number of jobs listed on ESL Employment.

Learn4Good has a list of 300+ teaching jobs in Vietnam for English, Mathematic and other subjects. Most of the jobs listed though are looking for native English teachers in Vietnam.

This is a worlwide ESL, TESOL, TEFL job site where you can find some teaching jobs in Vietnam. Click the link above and you’ll be redirected to the list of jobs offered in Vietnam.

We thought you’ll like to check Australian-Vietnam Skills and Education website for ESL jobs in Vietnam for foreigners (native English speakers).

Don forget also to checkout TotalESL, Dave’s ESL Cafe and Footprints Recruiting. You might find gold on these English teaching related websites.

Do you know other Vietnam job sites? Have you find this post helpful? Don’t forget to share your thoughts on the comment section below.

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