LoadMena Review: Philippines’ Best Online Loading Service

What is LoadMena?

LoadMena is an online service offering load, bill payment and sending gifts in the Philippines. It is a tag-lish (Tagalog-English) which means “load me now”. LoadMena operates under Jade Group Inc., according to what appears on Paypal transactions. Its operation started in 2010.

Services offered by LoadMena

  • Globe Load (Pre-paid)
  • Smart Load (Pre-paid)
  • Sun Load (Pre-paid)
  • Manila Water Bill Payment
  • Meralco Bill Payment
  • Maynilad Bill Payment
  • VECO (Visayan Electric Company) Bill Payment
  • Gerry’s Grill Restaurant Gift Certificate
  • SM Shopping Malls Gift Certificate
  • Mercury Drug Gift Certificate
  • Red Ribbon Bakeshop Gift Certificate
  • Level Up Games Top-up

LoadMena Payment Options

  • Paypal
  • Credit/Debit accepted by Paypal
  • Reward Points

LoadMena Features

  1. Schedule Load. You can schedule when to send a load after a successful payment.
  2. Reward Points, Free Text, Free Data. You’ll receive points for every transaction which you can use to buy load when you earned enough. You can also receive free text and free data on your load transactions.
  3. Contact Directory. You add contacts to easily send loads in the future. When you send load to a new number, it will be automatically added to your contacts.
  4. Transaction History. You have the ability to check your transactions. You can use it to check whether you recent transaction status
  5. Chat/Ticket Support. Have you any problem on their service you can easily contact them via a chatbox accessible on the user dashboard. In our experience, they usually reply to chat support within 24 hours.
  6. SMS Credits. LoadMena SMS Credits are used for PC to phone SMS, and will NOT be loaded to your phone.
  7. Pay in Philippine Peso. If you have Paypal Balance in other currency or Debit/Credit card attached to your account, you’ll be charged in Philippine Peso according to Paypal’s current conversion on the time of buying.
  8. Data Encrytion. Their website is using SSL for encrypted data transfer
  9. User Friendly Dashboard. You can  get things done in one page. Here’s a look on Loadmena’s user dashboard.

LoadMena Dashboard

LoadMena Review: MUST Know About their service

Refund Policy
In cases where load transaction failed, LoadMena will convert the amount into Reward Points which you can use later. They offer no-refund to loads successfully sent. Better double check the number before sending load.

Transaction Fee Charges
You be charged a small amount for every transaction. The bigger amount you load, the more you save. You can check more about transaction fees on their product page.

Our Verdict:

They’re the best available online load seller with Paypal payment option. Compared to its competitors that offers Paypal as payment processor, LoadMena don’t overcharges. We’ve seen other online load sellers where they’ll charge you in USD, and if you convert it to PHP, you find yourself overcharged up to more than PHP30.00 each transaction. Transactions are very fast, it only takes a few seconds.
However, we’ve noticed that they don’t have a blog, site notice, Facebook update and or any other way to notify users in case of any service/feature unavailabity.

Have you tried any of the services offered by LoadMena? What can you say about it?

We don’t recommend them anymore. Try their service at your own risk. Back a few months ago, I used their service to reload my Smart number. LoadMeNa’s system failed to process the transaction. My money was not refunded neither as Reward Points nor funds back to my Paypal account. I tried contacting them through their built-in support system, which is available when you’re logged in. I never received a reply. After few weeks without reply, I decided to do a dispute or chargeback on Paypal. I was able to receive back my Paypal funds in full after more than a month of waiting.

Now, though my account is still accessible, I am banned to use any of their service. They banned me probably because I made a Paypal dispute against them for a service not delivered due to their faulty system.

There are also times when  the LoadMeNa service you are trying to avail is under maintenance and you will just be disappointed to know it after filling the form and ready to pay. Perhaps they should add a site-wide notice to notify customers when some of their services are not available so it won’t be a hassle for customers to fill the required forms and when they are about to pay, its where they will know that the service is not available or under maintenance.

[Update] LoadMena has moved to philippines-load.com under NetworkSys Co. Ltd.

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