How to Rename Image Files on iPad or iPhone

If you’re looking for a way to change an image file name from something like image.png to myphoto.png or anything you like, then you have come to the right page.

You may scroll down below to find how I manage to rename image files on my Ipad 2 or continue reading and I’ll share to you why I need to rename my images on my iOS device.

I am using my iPad 2 most of the time when publishing content on all my blogs including here on Dagitab. This is because it is more portable and lightweight to take wherever I go compared to my laptop wherein I always have to secure it by taking another laptop bag (not so good when hiking or backpacking). One more reason why I choose to take my iPad than my laptop when going somewhere is because of its longer battery life and I only need a powerbank to recharge it.

Ok, let’s go to the main reason. In blogging, renaming the image file name to something related to your content’s keywords is a good ranking signal on search engines. Though I don’t need to rename images before uploading in my self-hosted WordPress blogs because I can do it with Image File Renamer plugin, I really have no way around in my Blogger hosted blogs. In Blogger, when I upload an image on a blog post, it is final and the only thing I can change is the alternative text. So, The only way to meet this SEO need is to rename the image on my iPad before uploading it.

My need for a solution in this problem didn’t just end there, I want to attach an infographic to an email to be sent to some subscribers, and to make that infographic more professional and appealing, I have to rename it with something related to what the subscribers need.

So I started my quest searching for a solution on this small missing feature on iOS. I played around with some built-in apps but to no avail. I tried to find for a solution on the web but all I found is how to rename folders, other media types and some sort of outdated solutions.

Fortunately I was able to find a working solution with the File Manager app by Zuhanden GmbH.

Here is an step by step guide on how you can change or rename an image file on any iOS device.

  1. First, go to the Apps Store and search for “File Manager App”.
  2. Install the app. Make sure it is the one by Zuhanden GmbH. There are two versions, free and pro, but let’s install the free one.
  3. Once installed, open the app and go to the Settings from the left side menu and disable the option “Download viewed files directly to local”. This is to avoid image duplication whenever you view an image.
  4. Now, click Image Gallery. You may choose to import a whole folder to Local Files, but in this guide will import and rename a single image.
  5. Open the folder containing the image you want to rename.
  6. Click Edit on the top right corner.
  7. Select image you want to rename.
  8. Click Copy Move from the options on the bottom of the screen.
  9. Then click Copy here to import the image to Local Files.
  10. Go to Local Files and you’ll find the image you’ve just imported.
  11. Again click Edit. You’ll noticed that there is a new option called Rename in the bottom of the screen.
  12. Select the image.
  13. Click Rename and a new small pop-up window will appear.
  14. Give it a new name then click Rename.

Voila! That’s it!

Whatever your reasons why you to want to rename your images on your iOS device, I hope this guide helps you.

Now this simple feature is something I wish Apple could add in their future updates.

Do you have other methods in renaming image files on iOS? Share it in the comment section below.

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